Thank you, Mr Tigerpaw


Let me tell you about my friend Burly. Burly cannot resist a good “ass shot.” He and I have been friends for some time now, and he’s a great photographer. So I asked him to do some photos of me in my Carrie’s Lingerie “Ivy” outfit.  And here’s what he did. I do hope this one shot makes it to his “Happy Ass Friday” postings! Thanks Burly!!!

aradia ivy 2 aradia ivy 3 aradia Ivy


Aradia Wears:

Carrie’s lingerie “Ivy” outfit

Zuri Rayna Antique Pearls in Lime

Liquence Hair

Izzy’s Makeup


Photos by the fantastic Burly Tigerpaw… and yes, he’s going to do more.. someday!!

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  1. Aw, comawn, I’m really not all that! But thank you for your kind words hun! It was my pleasure! xoxo

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